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REAL SALES: How 10 rules for dealing cocaine are 10 rules for business, sales & entrepreneurship.

Interesting title? No? Click bait? Yes. But for those who knew this would be about a song by one of Brooklyn's finest rappers Christopher Wallace, endearingly known to his fans as Biggie, Biggie Smalls, Notorious, Notorious B.I.G. please give yourselves a B.I.G. pat on the back (see what I did there?). Bad jokes aside Mr Wallace is known as the Dark Knight of Brooklyn and it's highly improbable on your timberland clad roam through the one of the five boroughs that you won't hear one of his records. Notorious Gifted the world with two incredible albums (Life After Death & Ready to Die) encompassing more quality than most artists will give us in their entire catalogue or lifetime (I'm looking at you Nickelback).

It's just a shit thing that he passed away at such an early age. Among his roster of hits like "Going back to Cali" and "Hypnotize" the 17th track on his sophomore album mysteriously named Life After Death is often a ruby the size of a tangerine that has been lost amongst his treasure trove of music. In this song he articulates what it takes and how to flourish in the crack dealing game. This song also slaps too.

“Rule Nombre Uno: Never Let No One Know How Much Dough You Hold.”

You should never showcase the entire spectrum of your business, especially when it comes to generating revenue.

In Silicon Valley these sorts of projections can devalue your company making it harder to raise funding. Investors will make projections based on your monetary figures over the growth of your technology or growth in your users. Simply put, people will always perceive the poor man to be hungrier than a fat cat.

“Number 2: Never Let Them Know Your Next Move”

Beyonce dropped a surprise album and that shit really came like the rapture. In the middle of the night with no warning only for me tawaken to about 1,000,000,000,000 Facebook posts all over my news feed about this 'revelation'. Beyonce fan or not, this was an amazing move on her behalf. By keeping her audience, fans and the general public guessing Beyonce in turn gained the ultimate leverage, staying unpredictable whilst remaining in control. She ensured that none of her audience were ever too comfortable and that's when she took the wheel.

“Number 3: Never Trust Nobody.”

After loving someone, the next most powerful emotion you can invest in that person is trust. Trust is by no means a prerequisite for business, remember that. Don't trust anyone in the office, don't trust anyone in the streets, don't trust anyone, anywhere.

“Number 4: Never Get High on Your Own Supply.”

I know, we've all heard this before but it's message still remains an invaluable one to be taught and learned. Never lose focus when it comes to your objective. Your resources are there to optimize your business worth, not your personal pleasure.

Getting high is temporary. The worth of your given product's supply will predict your own future net worth.

“Number 5: Never Sell No Crack Where You Rest At.”

Protect yourself, so that work problems remain in the workplace. After your done with work for the day learn how to remove yourself entirely. If you got a woman or a man, take them out for dinner, if you've got family, go chill with those that are closest to you. Your workplace problems should remain in the workplace. Just don't let (or try your best at least) to not let your family & friends interfere with work and, most importantly, matters of work can't interfere with them.

“Number 6: That G**damn Credit? Dead It.”

In the drug world, a junkie may “pay you back tomorrow.” In the corporate world, a business associate may ask if they can remunerate you following a completed task. Business operates best when terms are outlined and met beforehand. Whether it is money or quality, never leave that shit to chance. In fact, money beforehand is ideal. Never provide someone a service without compensation offered on-sight. We've already been told us not to trust anyone. Money upfront. Always.

“Number 7: Keep Your Family and Business Completely Separated”

Business is cutthroat. Entrepreneurs survive by forging their own paths and, on the odd occasion you may have to cut down others along the way. There are always going to be times in our professional lives where we make decisions that might not be our proudest moments. However it is the nature of business and if you can operate in a space where you don't have to watch those toes you're stepping on. I mean, we all love helping out our buddies and family, but if the shit hits the fan, you're jeopardizing the relationships you have with those people closest to you.

“Number 8: Never Keep No Weight on You”

Notorious warns us to remove yourself from any positions of liability. In the workplace, competitors are always looking for ways to bring you or your company down. All those emails, all those signatures, all that data. Protect your ass.

“Number 9: If You Ain’t Gettin Bagged, Stay the F*** From Police”

Don't be seen with the enemy.

For Biggie, being seen fraternizing with law enforcement could foreshadow a “plea bargain.” For you, talking to a rival company could foreshadow a “new business opportunity.” Even if you don't have any disingenuous intentions, be careful, perception may say otherwise.

“Number 10: A Strong Word Called Consignment”

In the crack game, that may cost you your life; in a business sense, you may too find yourself “in a hole” you can't dig yourself out of, financially.

Consignment means “agreeing to pay a supplier after the goods are sold.”You may be interested in taking out an enormous loan to get your startup off the ground. How's that old saying go? That's right, make sure you “take the temperature of the room”.

If you accept a sum of money or utilities to complete a task, and then flop, you'll find yourself in hot water.

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