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Elon Musk's insane schedule includes working in 5 minute blocks. Could you keep up?

According to a Reddit AMA, Musk said that he usually gets about 6 hours of sleep and skips breakfast.

Musk kicks off his day bright and early, getting up at about 7 a.m.

Musk usually skips breakfast. Occasionally, he will slow down long enough to grab a quick coffee and an omelette.

However he always makes sure that he makes time to shower once a day.

After the pleasantries and the bathing of body he works like a maniac series to the tune of five-minute slots and approximately 85 to 100 hours a week, estimating that 80% of his time working is engineering and design.

No two days are the same for Musk. He spends Mondays and Fridays at SpaceX in Los Angeles. On Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, he heads to the Bay Area to work at Tesla. He averages 42 hours a week at Tesla and 40 hours a week working at SpaceX. Musk also said that he usually spends half a day working at the artificial intelligence nonprofit OpenAI.

On the weekends, it's more of a toss-up. Sundays are usually spent traveling or staying at his Mcmansion. On Saturday, he either works at SpaceX ...

... or spends time with his sons. Speaking about his kids in 2013, he said: "What I find is I'm able to be with them and still be on email. I can be with them and still be working at the same time ... If I didn't, I wouldn't be able to get my job done."

Multitasking is a crucial part of Musk's strategy — as is working for as many hours as possible.

To ensure he stays on schedule he doesn't make a lot of phone calls.

Musk usually takes lunch during meetings, finishing his meals in five minutes.

To stay in shape, Musk usually hits the gym about once or twice a week.

Despite his hectic schedule he still makes enough time to read. favourite titles "The Lord of the Rings" and biographies of great minds like Benjamin Franklin and Albert Einstein and a history book on adventurers called "Twelve Against the Gods."

Musk usually doesn't crash until 1 a.m. to only begin the vicious cycle again the next day.

So with all this being said. Do you think you could keep up? Give us your thoughts in the comments below!

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