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Do these 8 things for a successful sales meeting

Sales meeting; sounds a little like a mind-numbing lecture, doesn’t it? However, there is good reason to why sales meetings can be fruitful and perhaps really fun if it is done the right way.

1. The road-map of your meeting

A sales meeting without a proper agenda will never escape the fate of being a poor meeting. It is ideal to send out the agenda few days prior to the meeting so that everyone will have sufficient time to do preparation. Having a well-structured agenda can maximize sales meeting productivity since the flow of the meeting will follow topics corresponding to the timeline that have been considered important.

Consequently, the next agenda can draw upon issues that have been raised on this week’s meeting.

2. Are you truly ready?

If you have a list of points that you are going to make at the meeting, make sure you prepare all relevant materials in order to make your case. Whether it is a video, presentation or an article, at least try playing it at your meeting place prior to the meeting ensuring no hardware problems or making sure there are enough copies. As you know, interruption and distraction will only jeopardize quality and time of the meeting. Everybody needs to stay focused on the subject matter.

3. Has your message been sent successfully?

Even if you have the most convincing statistics or ideas, your message is not going to be delivered if you don’t communicate it effectively. Keep it simple and straightforward, it is worth knowing that most believe visual communication is just as efficient if not more than verbal communication. It claims to be more effective in decoding text and attracting attention to information, as a result, the likelihood of remaining in people’s mind for longer. Infographs are incredibly useful and efficient when compared to the same data presented on a spreadsheet or text.

4. Let’s talk about (or not)

Your sales teams are already great at telling clients why their products are hot in the market. Yet, by providing quality input in the meeting, you can trigger discussion and stimulate them to think from a different prospective. For example, discussion can include the following elements, your company’s competitors, your clients’ competitors, clients’ feedback, future marketing trends, etc. Besides work-related topics, other topics that might help your team to do their jobs can also enhance their performance, like recommended applications to make things easier for them.

5. Loose thread, pull to unravel

If there are any issues that have been raised, do not let them drop. Don’t leave any issues unresolved or questions unanswered. After all, you want your team to be comfortable raising issues in the meeting and let them feel that their input is just as important. Whether it is about the products, their working conditions, work environment, or materials, making their life as easy as possible is a form of support to your sales team. On the other hand, feedback from clients is also vital in enhancing the overall performance of your team. If an incident is thoroughly discussed and understood, it could potentially prevent the next one from happening. Knowing your clients is equally crucial as developing the right sales strategy.

6. Don’t take them for granted

Sales meetings also serve as an opportunity to recognize those who have gone above and beyond their roles. Recognition could motivate your sales team to continue working their best and to show others that hard work does not go unnoticed. Whether it is a prize, speech, or nomination for employee of the month, show appreciation for their hard work. This goes a long way in keeping your sales team in the company.

7. How strong is your team?

Your team needs to enjoy working together so that they will give their best in achieving the goal together. A good team environment facilitates communication and problem-solving skills. Therefore, team-building exercises can be included in the meeting if the run-down isn’t too tight.

8. Meeting - FUN day

Make it a fun, interesting time for them so they arrive in a positive mindset. You can hold a sales meeting outside of your office if possible, ideas like meeting in a café, garden, rooftop restaurant, hotel bar, or places that suggested by your team. You can also make the first 10 - 15 minutes designated to socializing, just so everyone can relax and catch up on what they might have missed (Dave knocked a coffee on a client’s lap, haha) - and off to a relaxing start. Other ideas include presenting in an unconventional way, acting, singing, rapping, or dancing your ideas. Everyone is going to laugh at you but at least their attention is on you and they will remember.

In summary, a good sales meeting can contribute to the success of your sales teams. It needs to be educational, informative, and motivational. Prepare some drinks and refreshments for them, given that it is not easy to give out a chuck of their already busy schedule for a meeting. Last but not least, make sure the meeting starts and finishes on time and phones should be put to vibrate for a sign of respect to everyone.

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